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Paradigm Mediation

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Mediation is a collaborative way of resolving disputes between people with the guidance of a mediator as an impartial third party. It provides a safe and informal place for individuals to have an open and honest discussion, as well as the opportunity to work together to come up with mutually agreeable solutions.


Pre mediation is an opportunity for each person involved in the dispute to speak individually with the mediator. This meeting usually last anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes, and may take place over the phone or in person to determine the readiness of each person to participate in mediation.


At the beginning of the mediation you will be asked to sign an Agreement to Mediate. The purpose of this agreement is to be clear about the parameters of mediation including confidentiality and to confirm your commitment to proceed with mediation. You may review a copy of the Agreement to Mediate prior to the mediation.

The mediation session usually lasts about 2 hours. If required you may want to book a second session . We are mindful that a mediation can be stressful and exhausting  and we need to take the appropriate time to resolve the issues at hand.

At the end of the session both parties draw up and sign an agreement outlining the steps the parties will take to achieve a positive outcome.

Conflict is part of life but it does not have to run your life…You choose.